We are a young, family-run company with a long history and experience both in the purification sector and in the commercialization of shellfish and molluscs.

We distinguish ourselves by our great capacity to adapt to the needs and demands of our clients, as well as to the trends and evolution of the market.

We supply both the final consumer and the different distributors and central markets in Spain, always seeking to maintain a high standard of quality and satisfaction of our customers.


In the hospitality sector, it is vital to have high-quality gender and a proven supplier to offer the best experience to your customers. At Mariscos El Cabo we have adapted and introduced new products to serve HORECA, always seeking the highest quality and service for our customers.


We offer a regular, constant and personalized service to the needs of professionals in the sector. We fully adapt to you.


Your needs are a priority for us, we adapt to packaging, sizes, labeling and format, together with a regular and reliable service with the best sanitary and transport conditions.


At Mariscos El Cabo we have the solution for the distribution of seafood in your business.

Our commercial department will advise you on our wide range of products.


We have a bivalve mollusc purification center. Its mission is to purify them so that they are suitable and 100% safe for consumption.

We collect seawater, filter and sterilize it with ultraviolet light and ozone, and introduce the mollusks for a minimum of 48 hours.

During that time, the mollusks filter the organic matter free of living bacteria and expel those that were housed inside, leaving them clean and suitable for consumption.